1. Can you perform installation of your software?

Yes, we provide installation services. The price for service is USD 200

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2. If I require custom features to be added to my applications, can you do that and how much would it cost?

Yes, this can be done. The cost of development is based on the hourly rate of USD 100 / hour. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your custom requirements.

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3. Are there any technical requirements to my website to install Z5 software?

Z5 Software is fully hosted solution which means zero requirements to your website. Integration is implemented via XML API which means that it can be integrated with any programming technology i.e. php, .net, ruby, etc.

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4. Will your application fit in my multiple membership level web site?

There are number of plugins available which accommodate specific needs of multi-membership environment by allowing website admin to differentiate features and functionality access per user level.

User-level limitations

User-level limitations PRO

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5. Can your applications be seamlessly integrated with my website and existing users database?

The XML integration API includes functionality required to integrate Z5 applications seamlessly into your website. Features include: auto authorization, incorporation of user profile data and photos, block list, friends list, online presence and much more.

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