Z5Messenger is taking instant messaging to the next level by providing all-encompassing video / audio / text communication solution for those in social, dating, corporate and collaborative web environments.

Full integration

The XML integration API includes  functionality required to integrate Z5 applications seamlessly into your website. Features include: auto authorization, incorporation of user profile data and photos, block list, friends list, online presence and much more!

Instant install

The application is 100% hosted on Z5 servers allowing fast and easy installation. The process is as simple as inserting HTML code with no required changes to your existing server platform or programming technology.


High quality A/V

High quality video chat loaded with the most advanced functionality such as video zoom, audio wave, one-click video pause and allow / deny options on a user by user basis, all combine to create an unparalleled chat experience. The Z5 application’s extensive feature list allows users to communicate their emotions and personality the way no other application can!



While user enjoys their chat experience the administrator is in full control with moderation tools, such as, report abuse, ban, kick and monitoring panel which includes useful features like usage statistics, online user list, number of active sessions and chat logs.

Multi tab / Multi user / Chatting

Multi tab interface eliminates the need of multiple pop-ups windows for every chat. Now it is easy to handle even 5-6 chats simultaneously switching from one window to another all the time.


Creating a new skin was never this simple. In 2 minutes you will embed your website logo, apply your color scheme and load the background image.

Multilanguage support

Z5 applications connect users across the globe, regardless all the language they speak. All of z5 applications support multi language communities and allow for the creation of custom language packages.